New Partnership

The Robert R. McCormick Foundation Partners with Out of Eden Walk

The Out of Eden Walk is happy to announce that the Robert R. McCormick Foundation in Chicago, a philanthropy dedicated to fostering communities of educated, informed, and engaged citizens, has awarded our non-profit organization a $250,000 grant to be disbursed over five years.

Thanks to the McCormick Foundation’s generous support, the “Out of Eden Walk” will pioneer the “Crosswalking a Crossroads” program in the greater Chicago-area. Drawing on slow journalism ethos of inclusive, cross-cultural dialogue and community engagement, this civic-minded project will foster understanding and tolerance by encouraging residents to walk through Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods where participants will record and upload their urban journeys to a community digital platform. We are grateful to the McCormick Foundation for their support. We are thrilled to be working with Chicagoans to explore the city at boot-level, just as the “Out of Eden Walk” explores the world—with empathy and compassion.